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When it comes to balustrades in Sydney, you will find us at the Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication well-renowned for our quality supply and installation. We are experts at security solutions and we understand that today, more people are looking for customised solutions to their security needs than ever before. So whether it is balustrades you are looking for or automatic gates, you will find us to be a firm that is always willing to accommodate your needs, requirements and budget. We value the importance our clients place on customisation and we will make sure that the product you get is totally suited to your requirements.

Great Prices today for your project

We are happy to say that we are not a firm that charges the highest prices. The prices we offer are great and that is the reason why so many of the locals depend on us. As far as balustrades in Sydney are concerned, we follow Australian standards because we know that it is a requirement in building regulations. Our high-quality balustrades are made of strong and durable materials, which mean that they are low in maintenance but long-lasting. You will not have to worry about their wear and tear because we have ensured that they last you for many years to come. So with us, you get products which are perfect suited to your balconies and decks, and also will last you for years.

Services We Offer

At Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication, we offer supply and installation of a variety of gates, fences, balustrades, awnings, custom staircases, pergolas, privacy screens, hand rails and louvers. Why don’t you call us up to let us know what you need? We would be glad to offer you a free quotation on the products you are looking for.

Our Balustrades in Sydney: Reliability Matters

That’s right. At our firm, we believe that security solutions that are being offered should be reliable. Our balustrades are of high-quality and with them in your home or property; you can be assured that you are getting a product that is reliable. We specialise in a variety of balustrades, including aluminium, semi-frameless, glass frame, etc. Whether it is a commercial or a residential property, we know that we have a variety that will make the choice easy for you. Installation is also very important and that is why our personnel are trained to make sure that the installation is done in a safe and secure manner. Professionally-built products and quality installations: that is our promise to each and every one of our customers. Customised products are something every property-owner sees and we are great at offering customised solutions. Whether it’s a particular length and breadth you need for your balustrades or a certain design, we are sure to have something that will be perfect for you.

Balustrade installations in Sydney are required in many different areas of a residential or commercial property. They could be installed in outdoor spaces such as poolscapes, decks, patios, gardens and yards. They can also be installed to line driveways, pathways, walkways as well as outdoor kitchen spaces, balconies, terraces, verandas, porches and more. In short, these are versatile features that add to the safety and beauty of your property. Take a look at the many benefits of these features:

Glass Balustrade- The Benefits

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Open and Spacious Look

Since glass is a transparent material; it lends spaces a very open and spacious look. Even a small yard or balcony can look much bigger when you install a glass balustrade.

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Unhindered View

It provides the demarcation you need without compromising on the view like metal, vinyl or wood does. So you can still install a glass balustrade along your patio or deck an get a clear view of the landscaping.

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The smooth glass panels of a glass balustrade make it impossible for kids and pets to clamber over them. So, if your patio or pool area has glass balustrading, you don’t have to worry that they will climb over and get into trouble.

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Complements All Styles of Architecture

While glass is largely associated with modern design concepts, it looks great in all types of settings and lends charm to traditional design concepts as much as it does to modernistic ones.

Aside from this, glass Balustrade features are low maintenance and you only have to occasionally clean them with a diluted soap water solution. We use high-grade, laminated toughened glass panels that could be 12mm-25mm in thickness, depending on the setting and the amount of traffic the area sees. These are very strong and resilient and can last for a number of years without any trouble.

Metal Balustrade – The Benefits

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Design versatility

Metal can be fabricated in a number of different ways; so if you prefer a more classic look, you can opt for ornamental, wrought iron railings and for a more modernistic look, sleek metal railings work best. You can also create the design you want by choosing from hollow, flat or solid metal hand railings.

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You will find that there are a number of finishes and colours of metal railings to choose from and this gives you the flexibility to create the theme you want in the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home.

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Strength and Durability

When you choose to acquire metal railings from us, you can rest assured that the installation will last for decades. These are very resilient and can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear.

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Easy Maintenance

The metal railings we provide are either powder-coated or expertly painted and all they require is an occasional touch-up every few years.

Our Latest Projects

Every space has a different look and every client has a different requirement and budget. We offer such a vast variety of Balustrade installations, that you are sure to find something to suit your styling and budget requirement.

If you are looking for quality balustrade Sydney that offer safety and security, do get in touch with us at the Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication. We are available at our phone number (02) 9725 5222 and please use our contact form to send us an email.