Doors are not just merely for protection these days. Their aesthetic appeal matters a lot to today’s property-owners. At Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication, we have beautiful swing gates in Sydney that are not only pretty, but hardy as well. We understand the importance people place on security and we strive hard to make sure that our solutions meet all the security needs of our clients. Our products are long-lasting and durable because we always make sure to use only quality materials every step of the way. Our quality control system keeps us in check and ensures that the manufacturing process is a high-quality one.


The truth is that the security industry in Australia has undergone a huge qualitative change with modern technology becoming more and more important every day. We are happy to say that we are a firm that has cutting-edge security technology with us which enables us to bring to you a host of solutions that you will not find anywhere else. Our automatic gates are popular among both homes and business-owners for their apparent simplicity and seamless operation. Apart from this, we also offer our patrons a wide variety of other security products which encompass the latest in technology.



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We are proud to say that we are one of the most popular firms in all of Sydney when it comes to security and gating solutions for homes and businesses. We have such a wide variety of products that we are sure that you will be able to find something that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. Today, gates are a lot more than being just a security tool. A beautiful gate can actually enhance the value of your property so the smart thing to do would be to choose well. Here are some of the features of our automatic swing gates.

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Structurally strong

  • Impact resistance

  • Easy to install

Our swing gates are a really great investment. They are available with a personalised key and a fast unlocking mechanism which ensures that they can be operated with ease. They are also low-maintenance ensuring that you don’t have to spend a bundle in keeping them up. When it comes to choosing automatic gates in Sydney, it makes sense to choose a firm that has wide knowledge and hands-on manufacturing experience. With us, you have nothing to worry about because we have been in the business for a long time and our personnel come highly recommended for the work they do. When it comes to a security product, its i best not to compromise.

Gone are the times when the doors were just seen as a protective and a privacy aid but now the definition has changed it is not just the matter of protection but it also has to do lots with the style and the outlook. Sliding gates and the swing gates provides you with completeness. The elegant look of the Swing Gate adds beauty to the architecture.

We are offering a wide range of swing gates with worth and an aesthetic match for any architectural style. Equipped with a fast unlock device with personalised key. Low maintenance costs


  1. Corrosion resistant

  2. Structurally strong

  3. Lightweight

  4. Easy to install

  5. Impact resistant

If you are looking for high-quality swing gates in Sydney, do give us at the Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication a call at our phone number (02) 9725 5222 today or send us an email through our contact form for a quotation.