Glass Fencing in Sydney

When you have a commercial or residential property, you want to be sure that it is well protected and that you get the privacy you need. The one way to ensure this is to opt for good quality fencing. Today, there are a range of materials to choose from and you can opt for metal fencing which is sturdy and lasts long. Apart from the security factor, customers today, also look for options that will add to the aesthetics of their property. In this respect, glass becomes a very good option for fencing. It’s elegant and classy and blends in perfectly with all types of architectural elements.

Our Work Process

We at Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication have been operating in this space for several years and have catered to a large number of customers across the region. We are focused on providing high grade solutions and design custom made glass fencing in Sydney, based on your specific needs. These are made of the highest quality materials and the best workmanship is used as well. While we do all of this, we also maintain very reasonable pricing. Our company follows a very methodical approach to installation of glass fencing in Sydney:

  • We promptly respond to your enquiry and send ‘;one of our fencing experts over to your location
  • They first survey the area that has to be fenced and take accurate measurements
  • We check with you whether you want frameless or framed glass fencing
  • Understand the ideas you have for this space
  • The architectural elements in your home
  • The budget you are working on

Different Applications

We can install glass fencing in Sydney in various spaces of your property. Though it may not be ideal as border fencing, it’s perfect for other applications such as to provide security and privacy in pool areas, around pool houses, outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace and fire pit spots etc. We are extremely creative and innovative in our approach to our work and focus on providing unique metal fencing in Sydney installations on your property.

Some of our customers opt for combination solutions and we may install metal and glass fencing to create a very stunning effect. Glass has a very appealing look and looks amazing in any type of setting. We are the experts that go the extra mile to provide solutions that work for you. Our glass fencing in Sydney solutions are the ideal option for spaces where you want a barricade and want to segregate spaces without impacting the open look of the area.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional approach
  • Creative solutions
  • Customised and personalised services
  • High grade materials and workmanship
  • Focus on customer service
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Timely completion of work

Every property owner (residential or commercial) likes to ensure that the outdoor areas of their home are as well-designed and well-installed as the indoor areas. They want all the features and installations to be safe and strong, look aesthetically appealing and add value to their properties.

The Benefits of Glass Fencing

When it comes to fencing, you can choose from materials such as metal, vinyl, wood and glass. Most people now prefer glass, and with good reason too. There are a number of benefits to opting for glass fencing in Sydney:

  • Perfect styling- Every property has a different look and styling and when you consider fencing installations for your yard spaces, you want the feature to blend in with the existing design concept. Glass is a very stylish and elegant material that complements the look of all types of landscape themes. It looks modern and can complement more traditional and classic design themes as well.
  • Unobstructed view- When you have beautifully landscaped areas or have a stunning view outside your property, you want to be able to enjoy it without any obstructions. While metal, wood and vinyl fencing does look good and is suitable for outdoor installations, these are opaque materials that obstruct the view. In fact, they can also make your yard or landscape look smaller. In comparison, semi-frameless or frameless glass fencing creates a very open look on your property and gives you a clear view of the area and your immediate surroundings.
  • Safety- The primary objective of installing any fencing is the safety factor. It’s now mandatory to have fencing around a pool area and many homeowners also like to get fencing installed around their patio and deck spaces. If you have metal, wood or vinyl railings installed, kids can easily clamber over or squeeze through the gaps in the installation, which compromises the safety of the feature. On the other hand, glass fencing in Sydney is very safe. The surface is smooth and children or pets won’t be able to get a foothold to climb over it. And since there are no gaps in between the panels, they can find their way through to the other side either.
  • Strength and durability- A fence has to be strong and durable; while glass may look fragile and very breakable, the fact is that toughened, laminated thick glass panels are extremely hardy and can be used in high traffic areas. They won’t break or crack on minor impact, and provide the security you need.
  • Low maintenance- Glass doesn’t deteriorate in exterior areas in the manner that wood, vinyl or metal does. It is able to withstand climatic changes well and you only need to wipe it down with a solution or liquid soap and water to keep it sparkling clean right through the year.

We offer such a vast variety of balustrading, that you are sure to find something to suit your styling and budget requirement. Simply call Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication at (02) 9725 5222 and discuss your requirements with our experts.

For any more information or queries about our services and glass fencing in sydney, call Samson Fencing and Metal Fabrication at this number-0297255222. You can also send us your queries via this online form and we will revert within the shortest possible time.

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